Robert Forbes, CPA founded Driveline after a career in High-Tech software sales and public accounting to pursue a lifelong passion for all things automotive and a desire to change the dynamics of the typical automotive acquisition process. Noting many people do not enjoy the hassle and headaches of car shopping and negotiation, and that many dealers are prone to make buying a vehicle into an adversarial process: Rob felt the entire unpleasantness could be eliminated, and car buying could be fun!

Driveline was created to reduce your stress and frustration, eliminate the hidden unknowns, and save you time and money on your next vehicle acquisition. Rob takes a consultative approach to helping you select the right vehicle for your needs, including its option content; he will locate the vehicle, negotiate the “best deal” assuring the lowest price on your next car as well as the highest trade-in value on your old one, and help with all financing and lease options. No more dealer games: you will have an expert on your side.

Rob is a member of the Automotive Consulting Network (ACN) A.C.N. with its affiliates across the U.S. has proven its success over fifteen years with effective volume purchasing power. Rob is a certified car guy: he is a member of many car clubs, actively campaigns two Vintage Race cars, restores cars, and is a true automotive aficionado. He will make your car buying experience the easiest and most pleasant he can.

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