This Piranha has just undergone a complete restoration by FZ Restorations.  The body, both sub frames and suspension components were striped, crack checked and either painted or powder coated.  All hardware either re-placed or inspected and cleaned. Interior is all new materials and is correct for the car.  Instruments were rebuilt or replaced as needed.  The engine and transmission are fully re-built, as were the brake and clutch hydraulics.   The car is painted in its historically correct livery with all period correct advertisement logos hand painted, not decal: number roundels are also painted not decal. The car appeared at the Wine Country Classic in 2006 as its return to the track, and is being fully sorted via additional track sessions. Price available upon request.


AMT Piranha CRV: Show or Vintage Race Car

Early in the 1960’s a Borg-Warner subsidiary Marbon Chemical experimented in the development of plastic body cars. These cars were called a CRV (Cycolac Research Vehicle) the material used for the body being Cycolac ABS plastic. The cars were powered by Chevrolet’s Corvair flat six air cooled engines. Only a handful of cars were built: one of which was latter modified and featured in the “Man from U.N.C.L.E” television show. One car was actively campaigned in the SCCA’s Midwest Region and claimed the “D Modified” Central Division Championship. AMT, the model company, was later contrated to provide a “kit” car version of the CRV called a Piranha with one specific use in mind: racing. Very few cars were sold and with the cancellation of the Corvair, AMT discontinued the Piranha. There is quite a bit of information available on these lovely cars: Google the "AMT Piranha" and you will find a number of sites.

This particular Piranha may not have been the SCCA Central Division “D Modified” Championship car, as we can not specifically identify it as such. The car may also be a Piranha built for a gentleman named Carbahal as a race car, and apparently raced as well but with less success. The buyer will need to research the history of this car to establish its heredity. Regardless, this car is a true “back-yard" find and a unique opportunity to own a valuable piece of history.

As time passes there are fewer “lost” automobiles with any significance. This Piranha offers you not only the chance to purchase a valuable car, but the rare opportunity and fun of both what is clearly a fantastic piece of American automotive development and road race history. This is clearly a car that when entered into the Monterey Historic, or another premier Vintage Race event, will be both admired and unique in the paddock: you will not find another, and certainly not one with race history! Alternatively it will make a wonderful addition to a private or public collection.

The car is being sold “as-is, where-is” and you are responsible for all shipping and packaging costs.

The following photograph is of the car before the 2006 restoration.


The following photograph is of the car as it was found.


The following are historical photographs of the Piranha.

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