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New Car Buying and Leasing Service

Delegate your next vehicle purchase to Driveline to save time, hassles and money via our new car brokerage service. We help you select the right vehicle for your needs, spec its exact option content, arrange no hassle test drives, locate the car, negotiate the price or lease terms, negotiate your trade-in if applicable, and even accompany you to the dealer to assure your car buying experience is as pleasant as possible.

You will get full disclosure of all prices and terms, you will never haggle with the dreaded “sales manager” or be sold add-ons or services you do not need by the “finance manager” and you will never hear the words:”what will it take to get you in this car today.”

The average car buyer spends over 16 hours researching, visiting dealers, and comparison shopping and negotiating: give this process to an expert and save all that frustration. You will get the best deal we can find, on the exactly the vehicle you specify and we will save you hours of time: Guaranteed!

When you choose to use Driveline’s auto buying service, your new car warranty is the exactly the same as if you purchased your car from a franchise dealer on your own, you will get all incentives and rebates available on the vehicle from the manufacturer or dealer, and you may take your new car to any dealer you choose for all service and warranty repairs. So you get all the benefits of the manufacturer’s dealer network and none of the hassles.

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