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Used Car Locating and Buying Service

Pre-owned cars offer substantial savings sometimes as much as 30-50% over an average of five years of ownership because of the rapid value depreciation on new vehicles over the first two years, and additional savings on insurance. Thus many of our customers choose to buy certified pre-owned vehicles. No two pre-owned vehicles are “equal” the vagrancies of age, use and drivers do impact the cars condition and value. Dealers make more per unit on pre-owned cars than they do on new, yet there are still good values on pre-owned vehicles and their “certifications” or “extended warranties.”

We take the mystery out of shopping a pre-owned vehicle: not only will we locate the vehicle that most closely meets your specifications; we will evaluate several vehicles to ascertain the best example of the make and model currently available. Use our expertise and experience; we buy many more vehicles than you will. Our pre-owned buying service will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Plus, Driveline subscribes to commercial only data to best understand what the dealer’s “cost” on a pre-owned vehicle might be so that we can find you not only the best car, but the best deal we can. We also evaluate the true value of largely marketing hype “certifications” and help you compare extended warranty details to know what you are buying. Many dealers offer us the same excellent deals on their pre-owned cars as their new cars, because we take all the selling expense out of their cost structure.

Contact Driveline to discuss how we can help you save time money and hassle on a certified pre-owned vehicle.

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