1999 Ford F250 supercharged
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1999 Ford F250 supercharged

One owner 79,024 miles. Window sticker, all original paperwork, lots and lots of receipts and documentation. Appraisal in 2014 showing a replacement value of $74K. The truck has a LoJack security system installed. The engine is a 6.8L V10 - that has been built to mimic a Ford GT supercharged V8 - it has GT pistons, and custom Comp Cams camshafts and a custom fabricated water to air intercooler. The Paxton supercharger is new, replaced in 2015 (not rebuilt) with a brand new unit. See the dyno sheets - those power numbers are at the wheels!

The engine is now slightly worn out, after about 50,000 miles of towing, driving everywhere, racing at Thunder Hill, Willow Springs and Buttonwillow - and by racing running on the track at speed usually 3 - 4 other guys, all in helmets, passing Corvettes and Mustangs on the straightaways - and starting to slow down about 2/3 of the way on any given straightaway. Yeah, not as good on the turns as a Corvette - although not bad at all when you consider it is a 3/4 ton truck - but what a hoot! So much fun! Now the engine is tired and the transmission should be upgraded with HD components to handle this kind of power - however - it drives great - is still scary fast in traffic and if someone were to buy it for occasional use - say 3,000 to 5,000 miles a year they wouldn't need to do anything to it - it can go like this for a long time.....

It won't pass California smog - the supercharger is legal, but the pulley is not, the engine build with the cams and pistons is not, the tune is not....... It is on a non-op so there are no penalty fees to pay - and I do have some of the original parts to make it legal again. Also included is the SCT computer tuner with the stock tune, race gas tune, etc.

Customization is extensive; the truck has been lowered 16" - 18" - yes, the door handle is at belt buck height and you have to be careful opening the doors next to tall curbs. The front suspension is very highly modified twin I beam, with chains to hold the A arms for when the front of the truck gets airborne..... The rear is all custom with multi look and adjustable airbags for weight in the bed and for towing; the truck tows great.

Lots of cosmetic work done as well; The hood has been worked on extensively, the concave rib is gone, it's now flat. The front bumper is all steel and also highly customized, as is the custom stainless steel grill insert. The headlights and tail lights are custom one-offs - no one else has these in the world, they were made bespoke, and the originals were retained. The rear roll pan and tailgate are highly modified as well with the gap between the bottom of the tailgate and the roll pan removed. And the tailgate still works! This is the only truck on earth that I know of that has figured this conundrum out - all the rest weld their tailgate shut - this one opens. And there's the custom aluminum rear wing and custom aluminum front spoilers - without which there's no way the truck could do as well as it does at race tracks - these things work really well! Last, a custom machined aluminum gas cap cover [ the real deal, not a fake ones ] and a hidden Battery Tender cable in there as well.

The bed has a Bedbug and bed extender. The bed cover is a Gaylords custom unit - it can be lifted with a lot of weight on it - as in 5 full size bikes - so you can have access to the bed with the cargo still on top! Included are the three cross bars and the cargo basket plus - two custom car covers, a lightweight red one and a thick super soft flannel gray one - both custom cut just for this truck with the wing and splitter.

The interior is mostly stock with very little wear just lightly on the driver's seat which is amazing considering the miles and age. The sound system includes a massive hidden sub-woofer box behind the rear seat and all the speakers have been upgraded plus an iPod connector - this sound system is virtually hidden from sight but it ROCKS! Also four auxiliary gauges, a clock, a smart phone holder, a tire monitoring system and a trailer towing brake buddy.

Spare and original parts as shown in the photos go with the Truck: original spare, 4 of the original wheels, 2 of them with original tires! 3 extra front tires and 2 extra rears and more.

Please call 650-261-1777. This F250 is sold "as-is" for off-road use only but with clean California Title, buyer is responsible for SMOG and on-road registration.

VIN: 1FTNW20S0XEE50908

Price: $29,999.